The greatest gift you’ll ever have: Your Precious Life


Welcome, My Friends

Do you experience fear and doubt, brought on from years of believing that you’re not good enough? Have you stopped yourself from doing something you’d love to do, because it was so wild and scary you could barely even dream of doing it? I was you, only a few years ago. I never believed I could write a book, and yet here it is – and this is a scary yet exciting moment for me!

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What You’ll Find Inside the Book

  • How I transformed my life from living in the fear that I’m not good enough to write, to sharing my heart and soul through words with the world
  • Words of wisdom that we all have around us, drawn from talking to my family and friends, and watching my children, found in the most simplest of exchanges
  • The step-by-step approach to tackling your fears by taking one simple step at a time. A gentle and heart-felt approach that has worked for me and countless others, and I’m certain will inspire you too.
  • The opportunity to reflect and journal your thoughts and feelings as you work through the book.

My Intention For This Book

Let me share with you all my two intentions for writing this book.

I want to help YOU to awaken to the preciousness of the greatest gift you will ever receive: your life, and the most magnificent possession you will ever own: your physical body.

My intention is to dispel, forever, a belief imparted on us all at some point in our lives: you’re not good enough.

Why does awakening you to your life, body and beliefs compel me so greatly? It’s a journey I have travelled, from my earliest school days right up to this moment, sitting at my desk in a guest house on the island of Penang, Malaysia, writing my letter to you.

Overcoming Your Biggest Fear

Even in our wildest dreams, there are things we could never dream that we would do. Writing this book for you has been my terrifying, wild dream. I have experienced doubt and fears in the face of what I thought were hardened beliefs: that no matter what, nothing I would write could ever be good enough. Despite the wisdom of my age, of being a Mum and raising three amazing and inspiring children, successfully running numerous businesses, presenting to thousands of people on productivity and workplace efficiency, AND having the courage to sell everything, with the exception of memorabilia and pursue my dream of traveling solo in my 60s – I still judged myself against beliefs I formed as a child at school… who am I to say anything!

One day, I shared my fear of writing with a friend. They remarked that my technique for taking challenges step-by-step – the same one I used when facing the challenge of walking the Camino and that I had taught to all the people at my productivity workshops for years – could also be used to tell my story.

“Just write one story at a time, Jan” she remarked, “even if you don’t share it, it will be a very healing experience”.

The word healing really appealed to me, and this promise is what really got me started. I thought that, if I can change my beliefs about my ability to write, maybe I could help other people who held similar beliefs about themselves? So I set myself a challenge, to write one story at a time, and as the stories unfolded, so did the new adventures in my life as I sold everything I owned, with the exception of memorabilia and moved from my home city of Perth, Australia to my first port of call Penang, Malaysia. I was filled with determination to share my stories in a book, and to start living beyond my wildest dreams!

The truth is, you CAN change and live the life you always wanted

That brings us back to right here, right now. On the pages of this book you will discover the story from my heart – raw and honest, and one I know that you can relate to. Telling my story, I’ve learned that the beliefs you form about yourself when you’re young, are just stories, and you can change how it ends at any time.

My desire for you is to feel as I do – that a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders, the spring in your step has returned, as you unwrap and find glistening before you, that most magnificent of gifts: your precious life. Join me on this journey. You just need to take the first step.

Jan Mason, Founder of Create Life Changes

I am offering you an opportunity to get very real with yourself. Tell yourself the truth.

“The truth will set you free”

Start being the master of your life, all you need to do is decide what you want to change, set your intention to do so along with your willingness and commitment to keep following through by using the step-by-step approach. The choice is yours.

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